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    Because of its natural warmth and rustic vibe, timber has become a popular material in deck installation. Not only that, this material complements the backdrop of nature well. Be it if you want to build a deck in your residential or commercial property in Derby, England and in nearby towns, you can never go wrong with timber. 

    This material can be further divided into two: the softwood and the hardwood. Here at Derby Decking Co, you are in good hands, because we install both wood materials. Regardless if you choose either softwood or hardwood, our deck builders are trained and highly-experienced to make the best design layout to maximise your options.

    To help you explore your options, here are more things about these two great decking materials:

    Softwood as Decking Board

    If you want a material that promises a fast solution and at a cheaper price point, then softwood is ideal for you in building your outdoor deck. What’s great about this material is that even if it is cheaper, it doesn’t compromise the quality and performance of the structure. 

    With our expert deck builders, you are guaranteed that all your specifications and requirements are checked off the list. We can also treat softwood to ensure that your softwood boards will last you for a very long time. 

    Here things that you might want to remember about softwood:

    • This material makes a sustainable option as it comes from trees that grow fast.
    • This is the relatively cheaper decking material than hardwood and composite decking boards.
    • This option is lighter than hardwood, making it very easy to handle and install.
    • This offers resistance features when treated properly. 
    • This is compatible with slip-resistant inserts or Q-Grip Strips.
    • This is a versatile option with different styles, colours, and textures

    Hardwood as Decking Board

    Hardwood is dubbed as one of the highly durable decking materials. This is because the core material comes from slow-growing trees, making it harder and more complex than other materials.

    In terms of its design, hardwood offers that natural, warm and classic look to your outdoor decks. What’s so good about it is that hardwood doesn’t look old and worn out as it ages, but rather, it looks way better. 

    Thus, choosing hardwood is never a bad decision. One thing worth keeping in mind is that it is heavy, and so, it poses difficulty in handling and installing it. Fret not, because our pros at Derby Decking Co can do an excellent job at handling all types of materials including hardwood. 

    Here are more facts about hardwood:

    • This option boasts durability, and it can withstand drastic outdoor temperature and even resist heavy traffic.
    • This offers a bold and rustic look.
    • This material is versatile for it comes in different colours and styles like Garapa, Balau, and Ipe wood
    • This needs maintenance to keep it in tiptop shape.
    • This option resists scratches, rotting, cracking and splitting.  

    Here at Derby Decking Co, we lead a team that is one call away, and they are ready to be your helping hand in accomplishing your dream outdoor project. Our company is eager to hear from you and your ideas, so give us a ring today to get you started. 

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