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    About Us

    Timber deck with garden stones

    When it comes to all deck installation supplies and installation, we are the company that you can always count on. Regardless if your project calls for timber decking or composite decking supplies and services, our builders can help you achieve it and we have every detail of your project covered for you.

    Here at Derby Decking Co, we have been in the decking industry for so long, and we have always given the best decking installation experience to our commercial and residential clients in Derby and in nearby areas.

    Our company’s goal is to become the top name and destination for the outdoor decking installation needs, so we work hard to make our clients satisfied with our services.

    We put value and emphasis on the fact that some people have limited budget for their decking projects. To make sure that they don’t feel disheartened, our services are always packaged to fit their needs and other requirements, without letting go of the quality, functional features of the outdoor installation.

    In our company, our installation process is always compliant with local regulations and industry standards, and this is our way to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our clients. 

    When you come to think of it, a project like deck installation is quite a decision to make. In doing so, it is crucial that you take in some important factors that usually come with the project. Factors such as material option, the quality of installation and the post-installation services are some that need consideration as they really affect the longevity of an outdoor deck. You don’t have to worry, because trusting these to experts like us will guarantee the success of your project.

    Here are some reasons why you should get us as your certified contractor:

    • Nothing but quality and professional designs.
    • We always listen to your ideas and concepts in coming up with our design. 
    • We can also improve your existing designs.
    • We can explore all the possible features to be incorporated in your design that will cater to your requirements.

    • We offer cost-effective supplies and services 
    • We have all decking board materials that come in different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. 
    • Each of our materials guarantees longevity and durability.  
    • Our decking board materials are priced reasonably to fit to your budget.

    • We guarantee accurate installations.
    • Our professionals are trained and experienced to do the best decking installation services.
    • Our tools and equipment are advanced to perform the deck installation in the most efficient manner and without causing trouble and delay.
    • We give timely updates to our clients about the progress. 

    • We offer post-installation support and warranty.
    • Our services reach as far as the post-installation phase. 
    • We have maintenance and repair services as part of what you pay for.
    • Our services come with warranties in order that our clients get to enjoy their outdoor decks without worrying.

    • We help you save money.
    • You will always get what you invested and even more than that. 
    • We highly value our client’s budget
    • We guide them in spending their budget on quality materials. 
    • We discourage spending beyond our client’s budget.

     Don’t wait for tomorrow to come. You can begin your decking project with us now by calling or sending an email to our experts. Our deck specialists are excited to help you with your deck installation.  

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